Spot – Find an available workspace, straight from your smartphone

Workplace concepts such as Activity Based Working are, from a real estate perspective, mainly aimed at achieving space and costs savings. More recent agile and scrum methods require a completely different approach. Whatever way of working is applied, a common problem is that employees spend way too much time finding an available workspace or room. Research even shows that 40% of employees regularly waste time in search of an available workspace or meeting room, not only causing frustration but also a drop in productivity.

With Wally and Wally XL, we already provided a real-time kiosk application that uses screens in the building to visualise how busy it is and where you can find an available workspace. With the launch of Spot we now provide occupants the possibility to find a free workspace whenever and wherever needed, straight from their smartphone.


“Our new European HQ is fully designed to meet the demands of our next generation workforce, but we lacked accurate workspace insights. Spot enables our employees to always find an available workspace that suits their activity.”

— Senior Director of Global Facilities, Fortune 500 Retail company


Number of real-time available workspaces

Spot uses Lone Rooftop’s PIE platform to always calculate the number of available workspaces in buildings, on floors and in predefined zones and neighbourhoods in the building.

Recommended zones of interest

Spot recommends zones where you can easily find an available workplace. When Spot covers multiple buildings, your GPS location also allows Spot to recommend available workspaces in the building closest to your current location. Ideal if you’re on the road or walking across campus. Want to explore availability in other zones? Then simply swipe through other zones we believe should match your needs as well.

Prediction of available workspaces

Nothing more frustrating than finally finding your quiet workplace to concentrate and within half an hour the place is overcrowded. Spot actively leverages our prediction engine to show how busy we expect it to become in the coming hour(s). Use Spot’s prediction as well to determine if it’s still useful to go back to the office after that external meeting or is that busy that working from home is the better option? Instantly see how full the restaurant area is and determine whether this is the best moment to go for lunch or you rather wait half an hour. Spot provides you with the right insights!

Preferred or excluded zones

Flag your preferred zones where you’re most productive and we’ll ensure to present them to you first. Spot also provides the opportunity to exclude zones you’d rather avoid or potentially are not in your designated working area. Our filter functionality allows you to tweak Spot so you can instantly find your favourite workspace.


Spot +

Interested in building out Spot with more functionality and features? You’re not the only one! We currently already offer expanded functionality such as:

  • Find and Book available meeting rooms; Integration with room booking tools other reservation systems
  • Indoor Maps and Wayfinding
  • Custom API integrations; Spot is powered by our open platform PIE, which is optimised for easy API integration

Future functionality

We are constantly working on new features, here are a few of the items we’ll be launching soon:

  • Location sharing via WhatsApp and all common enterprise collaboration or IM tools.
  • Enhanced search criteria to better match space supply and demand

Interested in Spot?